Check Aadhar Card Application Status Online through DOB and Name

The country India needed a unique technology to recognise the citizens among the immigrants and tourists. There were many methods to recognise but they are being replicated, and many were having fake identity proof, which has raised the alarm.

The previous regime has decided to bring Aadhaar card identity rule all over India, and they have made it mandatory for every Indian citizen to have it. However, many people were not taking it seriously because they did not need it at that point.

The Government established a department called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) who are responsible for the rules & regulations, infrastructure, and technology behind the Aadhaar card.

How to Check Aaadhar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

The UIDAI has used the Internet technology to bring all of their services online and ensure that the people do not need to wait in line or make trips to find out one or two things.

Almost every service is available online, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Many people have lost their Aadhaar card, but now how you can recover it?

Without the details of your unique number, you can get nowhere, and that is how it is, but you can recover your card just by your name and DOB. Don’t thank us because it was the idea of UIDAI in the first place.

We are going to guide you all the way from top to bottom, so follow our lead.

What do you need first?

There are few things which you have to keep it ready.

The whole process won’t work unless you are well-prepared and we will tell what do you need to make this process go smoother.

  1. Name – You need to know the name which displayed on your Aadhaar card. In simpler words, you need to know the right format of your name. You can use your PAN Card or any document which you have put in the name verification.
  2. Registered Mobile Number – We don’t think most of you would have any issues presenting your registered mobile number for the recovery process.


  1. Registered Email Address – The good thing about UIDAI is that they have an alternative for every option, which is why I have said that they are getting better.
  2. DOB – You need to know the date of birth displayed on the Aadhaar card, which should not be an issue for you here.

We assume that you have these ready to go because you will need it.

How to find out Aadhaar Card Details if you lost them?

Step 1: Now its time for you to go to official site.

Step 2: The next page will be the official site, and this is how it looks like.

Aadhar Card Application Status

Step 3: Now you have two options on the right sidebar, where you can select from Aadhaar card number or Enrolment number.

Aadhar Card Status

If you have not understood, then

  1. Aadhaar Number (UID) – If you have an existing Aadhaar card, then you should have to select it.
  2. Enrolment Number (EID) – If you have applied for a fresh card, but you have lost the receipt, then you can recover the details using it.

Step 4: Now enter your full name, we have mentioned you to keep the document ready because you need to enter the name displayed on the Aadhaar card. They usually add full name displayed on your document.

Aadhar Card Status by name and DOB

Step 5: Now is the time to provide your registered email address and type it in the empty field.


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Step 6: Time to type your registered mobile number for the one-time password.


Step 7: Take a look at the security code, then you have to type it in the empty field.

Aadhar Status

Step 8: Hit on “send OTP.”

Aadhar Application Status

Step 9: You have to enter the received OTP in the empty field and hit on Verify.


The next window will take you straight to the result, if the information you provided is right, then you will have the details on your screen without any mistakes.

In case, if you have received an error, then you can always come back and repeat the process with the right details.

Do not worry, if there’s any information is missing because we will tell you what to do next to find out your Aadhaar card details.

Check Aadhar Application Status

Now that you have the details of Aadhaar card, then you are ready to get the information about your status.

Step 1 – Go to the official page from here.

Step 2 – The next page will be of status check.

C:\Users\kksilvery\Desktop\Status check - 2.png

Step 3 – Now enter the enrolment number and date & time of the application, which is available in the receipt. So, type them in the empty field.

C:\Users\kksilvery\Desktop\Status check - 3.png

Step 4 – Take a closer look at the security code and type it in the empty field.

C:\Users\kksilvery\Desktop\Status check - 4.png

Step 5 – Now click on check status.

C:\Users\kksilvery\Desktop\Status check - 5.png

Now you will have the results of your application.


  1. How to find out DOB displayed on the Aadhaar card?

The answer is very simple; you must remember the documents you have added during the application. Check the DOB on all documents because if the Aadhaar card approved, then they must have approved it after seeing it on the document.

      2. I lost my Enrolment, what now?

There is nothing to panic about because the process will still work and you can find out the details just by selecting the “Enrolment Number (EID)” and proceed with the steps we have explained earlier, and you should get the lost details without any errors.

3. Is Page not loading?

The page sometimes does not function properly, so we recommend you to clear your browser cache and history. You can start an Incognito or Private browsing, so nothing comes in the way while you are using it.

If you have any other questions, you can call the customer care.


Let us know what problems are you facing so we can help you figure them out.

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