Aadhar Card Status Enquiry by Name download Online

The technology is growing rapidly over the years, but India is left behind in many areas, but the Government of India finally decided to use technology to in many sectors and built several infrastructures to make human life easier.

When the security of India started to fail, the Government took a step to bring an initiative called “Aadhar card” which is nothing but an identification card. However, it is unique and cannot be replaced or replicated or tampered, which is why it’s considered as a must card to have in the year of 2018.

Back in 2010, a new department established called “.The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)” that are responsible for infrastructure, development, and allotting every Indian citizen with a unique number to represent them as Indian citizens.

In a country where more than billion people are living, it became a major problem to process millions of applications and allow a unique number, so the UIDAI has set up an online platform to minimise the load of human verification.

These online services were not effective during its first year because of lack of knowledge in the area, but the official online development team started to take down notes and made major changes every month.

From improved server to processing time, which is impressive because when I applied for Aadhar card back in 2015, it had many bugs. However, now I have not faced a problem to this date, so I can measure the improvement UIDAI has made between these years.

Check Aadhar card Status using UIDAI Official Site

We assume that you have applied for a fresh Aadhar card from the nearest authorised centre or applied for correction. Remember, you cannot check the status unless you have applied for it, so make sure you have applied it.


To make the process faster, we are going to prepare you for it. So, make sure you have the everything we are going to mention below.

  1. An active Internet connection. Not just an Internet connection, a high-speed (Minimum 512KBPS) internet because these sites take a heavy load and you don’t want to be left hanging.
  2. You registered mobile number – You are going to need it to verify your identification, so keep the mobile closer and make sure it has enough charge. Uidai official sites are busy, so it can take message server few seconds to minutes to send an OTP to your registered mobile. Make sure it has enough charge and signals because we want to make this quick.
  3. The allotment receipt, which you will receive from the authorised centre with your name and rest of the details. You are going to need the information in it, which you have to provide on the official site.

NOTE: Do not worry, the UIDAI official site is secure and safe to use.

We hope that you are well-prepared and let’s move to the next step.

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Check Aadhar Card Status | Check Adhaar Enrollment Status

Follow our steps, and you will get the results without any errors.

Step 1 – First, go to the official site from here.

Step 2 – The next page will be of the status page.

Aadhar Card status by name

Step 3 – You have to type your enrollment number. You can find it on your receipt, which we have mentioned. The receipt looks similar to the snapshot we have shared below.

Aadhar card status by name Date of Birth

Now you have to type the Enrolment number in the first field.

Aadhar card status

You can find it here.

Uidai Status

The next step is to enter the date and time, which you can find on the opposite website of the enrolment ID.

You have to type both date and time, which will open your request.

Step 4 – Can you see the security code in the field? You have to type that code in the empty field.

Aadhar Status

In case, if you are not able to get it right, then click on “try another.”

Step 5 – Click on Check Status.

Aadhar status by name

You have to wait for few seconds, and then you will be able to see the status of your enrolment.

Aadhar Card Status check

But, make sure to keep your registered mobile around.

You should be able to see your Aadhaar card status without any issues, but sometimes problems may occur, which is not only frustrating.

You can avoid them all by following our detailed guide, which gives you every information you need, so there are few problems, you may face, but we will help you understand.

How to download Aadhar Card?

  • Select “I have Aadhar” from the 2 Options on the Top.
  • Now, Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar Number.
  • Enter your name in the “Full Name” Field i.e the Name on your Aadhar card.
  • After entering the name, Enter your Area PIN Code in the next field.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Click on “Get One time Password”.
  • Enter the the OTP you recieved on your phone and Click on “Validate and Download”.
  • Your Aadhar Card will be downloaded as PDF File and It is password Protected due to security Reasons.
  • The Password of your file will be “Combination of the First four letter of your Name(As in Aadhaar) in CAPITAL letters and Year of birth in YYYY Format. Example:
  • Voila, You have successfully downloaded your Aadhar Card.

If you still can’t download Aadhar card, Watch this video :


  1. Your request is in the process; please check again after few days Aadhar?

The answer is simple, the UIDAI has not touched your application yet, or they are looking at it. Manual verification is done during the process because of it; it takes a lot of time.

You may have to wait for three to one week since the date of application, so be patient, or you can call the customer care for more information.

There are also times when you have to face a long period of waiting just to get a response on the status. In such times, you can contact the customer care and ask them to raise a ticket because you are not getting a response from the UIDAI.

2. The status of the urn no. Your request has been verified and awaiting approval?

Once you have applied, they manually look at it; then they make their decision. When your documents verified, then your application will be taken to the next level. It usually takes seven to fifteen days duration to get the digital version of Aadhaar card, so be patient.

Do not panic, if you have not received Aadhaar card physically because you can obtain it from your area post office. But, make sure to take id card which has your name and recent photo on it for identification.

3. What if my Aadhaar card application rejected?

It is extremely common to get your application rejected by the UIDAI because I had rejected Aadhaar card twice because of several reasons.

In my case, I was making mistakes with my thumbprint and the ironic part is that the authorised person was doing it on purpose, so I come back again and pay him up few bucks to get the job done. More than 100,000 Aadhaar centres blacklisted because of terms violation.

You have to be extremely careful while getting your Aadhaar card done because sometimes even the authorised person can turn out to be the main culprit for rejection.

4. How to enquire Aadhaar card?

There are several ways you can contact them Aadhaar card centre, where they will help you clear your doubts.

You can contact their authorised customer care on Aadhar Card status Enquiry Phone Number: “1800-180-1947” where you can connect with the trained customer care executive, who will guide you through everything you need. They also take complaints that come from the Authorised centre and more.

Remember, you have to be clear at what you need or else, you may just be closing the call with few tips.

Things you have to keep it ready when you’ve got customer care executive on the call.

  1. Your Aadhaar card or enrolment id, which you can find on the receipt.
  2. Your registered mobile number – It would be better if you call from your registered mobile number.
  3. Make sure what your problem is related to your application or your Aadhaar card because it helps you raise the ticket easily.

We have covered some of the most frequent asked questions, if you ever come across problems with your Aadhaar card, then do not hesitate to call the customer care because they can help you big time.

What’s next?

As we have already mentioned that when things are going as planned, then visit your nearest Aadhaar centre or you can call the official customer care of UIDAI for more information because they can raise a ticket to solve your problem.

Millions of people have misplaced card, but do not lose patience and move along with the procedure.