Aadhar Card Status Enquiry by Name download Online

Aadhar card status || Uidai status

Aadhar Card Status Enquiry by Name download Online

Nowadays people are very much interested to know that how to download the aadhar card through online. But still, many of the people were not aware of the process that how to download the aadhar from the internet. The Aadhar card is mainly playing the vital role in day to day life. It is acting as a government id proof that which is especially helped to submit as an important document for many purposes. To know the instructions about the downloading process people can follow the given procedures from here. All must know that you want to keep it frequent internet for the usage.

Aadhar Card Status by name

People very well know that the aadhar is playing the significant role in all aspects. It is mainly introduced by the central government for the people to use in day to day life.     It is majorly using for the purpose of applying PAN card, passport, loans and much more. In recent times it also used for applying the conversion of ration card to Smart card. It is very much essential part of an important document for the Indian citizens.

The Aadhar had the 12 digit numbers and said to be the identity proof which is given by the government via online is termed as an E-aadhar card. Each and every aadhar card of the Indian citizens has the unique identity which won’t be matching with each other. These processes will be done by the UIDAI which is terming as a Unique Authority of India. Many people still across the India struggling to get their aadhar card even applying after the months. For those people, they can get the E-aadhar card from the online by following the easy steps. Some of the steps to follow as

  • First of all, individuals want to get their Aadhar application form from the nearest Kendra of Aadhar card. After filling the aadhar application form, they will get their application number to get the aadhar card.
  • After this process that user will have an E-identity which is EID and aadhar card number for the further use.
  • Then after completing the process people must follow the official link UIDAI for the future reference.
  • It is the link https://uidai.gov.in/ for the users to follow.
  • Then people can select the EID and the aadhar card number by entering a Captcha.
  • After the above process is over, then click on the official to check out the aadhar card status.

These are the main steps to be followed by the people to look at the aadhar card status in an easy way. And here is the link to check that why we need Aadhar card It is the right time to look at the aadhar card on this given link.

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Aadhar card status Enquiry Phone Number

1800-300-1947 is the Toll free Number for Any queries Related to Aadhar.

This number is available 24×7.

How to check aadhar card status online

After all the process is done by the users they can follow the sections given below. It is very simple to follow by the people that who are struggling for a long time to know about the aadhar card status online. Here you can also track your aadhar card enrollment number. People can get the information about the aadhar card status as well as the other details regarding the aadhar. Also, we can get to know the name and the EID number through the online. Those who are all looking for the aadhar card status to witness people can go through the link http://www.eaadhargovstatus.in/ or resident.uidai.net.in.

Aadhar card status

These are the primary process that to handled in all the sessions by the people with getting any help from the others. You can know your aadhar card details by own not by adding any guide from others. It is very easy to follow the steps and make their action on positive notes. It is very easy to check out your aadhar card status by the SMS through phone or the internet. Those who are all looking for the SMS can follow the methods to get an aadhar card. To check these methods people should have their enrollment number as well as the Date and time of Aadhar enrollment in the application form.

How to check Aadhar card by name and Date of Birth

People are keenly interested to know more about their aadhar card status. Those who are all having the aadhar number which is enough to handle by simple steps to know about your details. Some of the main steps to follow below

First of all, people should visit the official website of the aadhar card. UIDAI is said to be the official link for the people to visit at any time. For further reference, people can follow the link from her http://www.uidai.gov.in/

After entering into the official link there, you can visit the website by looking at many options. There is an option called the Check aadhar status for the people to check. If you click that option, then the page will be reloading to another page.

Aadhar Card Status by name and date of birth

Later getting into next page you will some of the search box to fill up the details of your enrollment number as well as the date and time of the enrollment in the next box. Those who are all not aware of the enrollment number can get from the application form which is provided by the aadhar card Kendra.

Below the search box there you can find the Captcha with the image. The code given as a picture should be filled in the search box that what it is shown already in the picture. After filling up the details or any code provided in the Captcha now get ready to click on the check status tab.

Check Aadhar card status by SMS

Many of the people struggling to get their aadhar card status via online. We know that rural areas aren’t much aware of the internet to check out for any significant things via the web. For those people here is the other method to follow for checking out the Aadhar card status. All you must need is the mobile phone. You can get the status via SMS also at anytime. To check aadhar card status by message people should follow the simple step for sending the SMS to UIDAI. After doing the process, you will get your aadhar card status in just a few seconds. It doesn’t need any internet to follow the steps. For example Type SMS like UID STATUS <EID number> one thing you should remember that the typing letters in the only capital with right space. And send this message to 51969. It is very simple that you will receive the Aadhar card status in a minute. It is said to be the very easy process to follow at a time. After completing the process, you will get a congratulations message.

Check aadhar card status online using another method

People who are looking for the other way than using SMS can follow the link resident.uidai.net.in. It will help you to check out the Aadhar card status at any time. There you can also get the details of E-aadhar. Some of the steps to be followed are

  • First, you need to go through the website resident.uidai.net.in of aadhar card portal.
  • After the process is done, users can follow the website to check out the aadhar card status box.
  • Then Click the tab that it will redirect to the next page which is listing about aadhar card enrollment number.
  • Then enter the date and the time of enrollment which is shown in the aadhar application form.

After this process, people can view the Captcha box with some codes or image that you should fill up in the box to follow. After this process, you will get your Aadhar card status.

Download Aadhar Card Online

People can also follow the aadhar card status via online or offline. There are two methods that people can follow that you can download the aadhar card by EID number and Aadhar number. Users who are looking for the Aadhar card to download can download by giving the EID number.

  • By using the 14 digit number of enrollment, number people can select the EID option in the UIDAI official link.
  • In the next step, people will fill all the data including your name in the first box.
  • After that, you will have to fill that pin code of your residential area.
  • After completing the above process, people will get to see the image of the Captcha with the code.
  • Then you will find a box to fill your mobile number. The mobile should be the registered one with the UIDAI.

Finally, the process is complete then the OTP message will be received in your registered number. The OTP number contains the link to proceed. After filling the one-time password number in the link, it will enhance to appear as validate and download option. There you should click the options button to download. Then it will get automatically saved as a PDF format. Now your aadhar card is ready to use and take print out of color copy for further use.

Download Aadhar card using UID

There is a method using by the people to get the aadhar card status, and you can also download the card for future purpose. It is the main documents that must be submitted during the time of applying any loans or any important purpose. Many people have lots of questions arising in their mind, when they think about getting the Aadhar Card via online. Suppose, if the user lost their Aadhar Card, or still, they haven’t received your Aadhar Card on their residential address, although you’ve been given a confirmation SMS on your mobile that Aadhar Card is processed successfully. They will be able to transfer duplicate UID Aadhar Card copy through online with the complete stepwise details of downloading the card.

Downloading the duplicate Aadhar Card online is very simple and easy, UIDAI official website allows you to transfer the Duplicate Copy of Aadhar Card by online. All you need is the Aadhar variety or qualifications highlighted over the Aadhar Card acknowledgment slip. The downloaded duplicate Aadhar Card has the same validity as the original Aadhar Card. It’s also suitable as an identity proof and address proof where original Aadhar Card is appropriate. To download the Aadhar card people must follow the given steps by UID number.

Eaadhar Registeration portal

  • Now people can select the option from UID number or Enrollment number using this method.
  • By choosing the options, users can enter the 12 digit aadhar number in the field of the public use.
  • After completing the above process, you must enter the full name in the first box of UIDAI form.
  • After entering the name in the box and now you can follow the next box by entering the pin code number of the residential address.
  • Next, you can get into the process people will follow to view the image of the Captcha with the system, the similar thing done in the above method.
  • After that people will find the box to enter the mobile number. The mobile number should be the registered according to the UIDAI.

Then the process is over there you will get the OTP message to your registered number. The OTP number contains the link to follow. After entering the one-time password number (OTP) in the link, it will boost to appear as duplicate Aadhar card for the further use. Once if you decided to download the Aadhar card then you should click the options button. Later that it will get saved as a PDF format. Now your aadhar card is ready to use for the further government official purpose. Users can also download the aadhar card in a color print and make use of it.

These are the primary process that to download the aadhar card at any time once you missed or yet to receive can follow the steps in the given above procedure. Here we also discussed for downloading in different methods as well.

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